Ignacio Gatica identifies and questions language systems, elements and structures that shape the experience of urban space, historical and personal memory. His work focuses on the different strategies with which the social landscape is conditioned by these elements and how they translate into cultural phenomena. From installation and sculpture, to text, video and painting, his practice is that of a cartographic approach to signs and signifiers, generating unexpected connections between components that appear to be dissimilar.

About the artist:

​Born in Santiago de Chile in 1988, and currently living and working in New York, Gatica’s recent research on the dissemination of neoliberal ideology is particularly appropriate, considering the parallel structural re-process that both New York and Chile suffered in the decade of 1970. As a by-product of this Gatica’s generation has experienced the weight of this economic experiment’s replicas and consequently has acquired the weight of a perspective that leads to the critical understanding of this event.

​Motivated by an analytical position to understand what shapes the experience of living in a crowd, Ignacio is interested in modifying the perception of the key elements that build the fabric of the socio-political, merging information into materials and different disciplines to redefine the elements that shape the current human condition.