In Residency: Dalila Gonçalves
Opening Thursday, October 10th at 19 hrs.

Within a practice with a strong procedural load, Dalila Gonçalves addresses different lines of interest: the idea of ​​time as a medium and a metaphor, rescue, the obsolete, the experimental path between industry and organic, between serial production and artisanal production.

“Soprar em seco” is a show presenting the results of a month-long residency at Fundación MARSO. Using her dissecting process, her discovery of objects and materials––all its layers until she can see them from within––material brought form Portugal are set into dialogue with others found and manufactured in the city. The term soprar em seco–– dry blowing––conveys a feeling of impossibility, of suspension, at the same time, a dry blow leads to something precise and direct. The hoop has frozen stretched out, and has become the horse’s mane again; we cannot blow the trumpet caught in a hand that sounds low on sandpaper used in some woodshop. While feathers and pine cod, in a pause, intertwine to assist (cod, as the artist’s grandmother called it, was formerly used to pass the time and entertain children in her town in Portugal).

In other pieces the materials tell their own stories: the sandpaper has been separated into a sand stone and fabric. The burnt tree left its remains in purple resin, the remains of the vine teach its history, and the knots that had died inside the tree are now visible.

Check out Dalila’s residency results: Soprar em seco