Tierra Norte

This line of action /research is focused on the accompaniment of the indigenous communities from northern Mexico. We are working especially with the Rarámuri (Tarahumaras) to establish forms of exchange with other cultural agents, develop educational tools and create networks with other indigenous communities in Mexico and different regions of the globe.

The idea is to stimulate the creative potential of the community  to strengthen innovative actions that address the different problems that afflict them and accompany them in the  strategies of preservation and defense and of their territory, language, worldview and artistic-craft expressions. With these projects we also seek to find new ways of marketing their products through fair exchange dynamics, in which the community itself is always the main beneficiary.

In 2020 we started several productive, artistic, commercial and cultural projects in collaboration with artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, chefs, anthropologists and researchers.

About the Rarámuri (Tarahumaras)

The Rarámuri are an indigenous people made up of about 85,000 individuals, settled mainly in the Sierra Tarahumara de Chihuahua, in northern Mexico. Its history is one of resistance against different moments of plunder, since the colonialism of the s. XVI and that continues to operate until today under various forms, to the extent of the drug trafficking gangs that today impose their law and illegally exploit the region’s forests. Faced with these situations, the rarámuri have opted for strategies that value silence and isolation in the most remote parts of the Copper Canyon. In spite of everything, they strive to preserve their ceremonial dances, their titanic careers, their structures of self-government, craft techniques, traditional agricultural and pastoral practices, and their ancestral language; In this way they advance collectively to maintain a way of life and shape a vision of the future that we cannot afford to lose.

Parte primera: Telar de ideas

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This project is part of an ongoing collaboration with Inland-Campo Adentro (an initiative based in various parts of Spain). With this project we want to get closer to the Rarámuri (or Tarahumara) community to promote processes of knowledge building and preservation of their ancestral culture, as well support ways of empowerment for their land defense. This online show integrates a compendium of archival materials to the result of our field research, carried out in 2020. We want to offer a map of references and milestones that will articulate the work proposal in a second part of the project. (editado)