Accidental. Pipo Hernández Rivero

La accidencia es la propiedad de lo mestizo, lo contaminado, lo temporal, lo circunstancial... en definitiva: de lo no esencial , de lo no puro. Lo accidental ha sido la principal amenaza y el objetivo a batir por toda utopía de Pureza ya de antes de la secta esencia, pureza que parecía haber encontrado su apoteosis definitiva en las décadas 30 y 40 siglo XX .Pero de poco parecen servir las lecciones que el ensayo estético más ambicioso de la utopía de Pureza ( la puesta en práctica de las cámaras de gas de los campos [...]

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Dalila Gonçalves

In Residency: Dalila Gonçalves Opening Thursday, October 10th at 19 hrs. Within a practice with a strong procedural load, Dalila Gonçalves addresses different lines of interest: the idea of ​​time as a medium and a metaphor, rescue, the obsolete, the experimental path between industry and organic, between serial production and artisanal production. "Soprar em seco" is a show presenting the results of a month-long residency at Fundación MARSO. Using her dissecting process, her discovery of objects and materials––all its layers until she can see them from within––material brought form Portugal are [...]

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Ignacio Gatica

Ignacio Gatica identifies and questions language systems, elements and structures that shape the experience of urban space, historical and personal memory. His work focuses on the different strategies with which the social landscape is conditioned by these elements and how they translate into cultural phenomena. From installation and sculpture, to text, video and painting, his practice is that of a cartographic approach to signs and signifiers, generating unexpected connections between components that appear to be dissimilar. About the artist: ​Born in Santiago de Chile in 1988, and currently living and working in New [...]

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Leslie Moody Castro (curatorial residency)

​The first part of this curatorial residency will focus on healing the severe writer’s block I have been fighting. Titled Fixing my Broken, I will use the beautiful space of MARSO as a a space for writing sessions, or what I call “therapies.” Every day I will invite someone to work with me over the course of an hour with one of the writing therapies that I provide. Each therapy is based on John Baldessari’s assignments and are meant to be shared with a partner. This exercise is an experiment meant to expose [...]

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Lucia Pizzani

Pizzani's project continues her line of research in which transformation and metamorphosis are recurrent subjects that she approaches through ceramics, photography, installation, performance and video, threading together historical narratives and fundamental concepts related to body and gender. ​In her recent series Límbicas, composed by sculptures and photographs, the solid terracota material loaded with cultural and historical references transforms in an organic form. Likewise, the artist titles the work adding the female suffix to the Spanish adjective, feminizing it. The textures stamped on the surface of the pieces echo the texture of [...]

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Theo Mercier

Mercier’s practice is based on his object collection, which he presents in playful assemblages, while drawing on the implied histories they emit. Mercier moved to Mexico City in 2015. His recent works incorporate local and organic materials and forms; emanating an intentionally homogenized view of “primitive” art. His assemblages relate both literal layers of the past and the immaterial overlay of an anthropological imaginary. About the artist: Theo Mercier was born in Paris in 1984. Without experience in fine art but an extensive background in industrial design, Mercier attended [...]

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Lucas Simões

Simões’s work departs from the experimentation with resistances and vulnerabilities of various materials such as paper, metals, concrete, wax, silicone. His sculptural work departs from the spacial study inherent to architecture and serves as a pretext to revisit the aesthetic canons of Brazilian Neo-concretism movement. ​With a sort of nostalgia, the artist presents us with pieces that, although they are formal in their essence, become poetic and political statements about the current Latin American environment. About the artist: Lucas Simões (Catanduva, 1980) studied Architecture [...]

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Alexandra Sukhareva

MARSO Gallery presents the first exhibition of Alexandra Sukhareva in Mexico –at its experimental project space SalaSeis. The pieces on view are part of her ongoing research on the history and political implications of psychoanalysis and analytical method in general, their past and current edges. There’s a scene with two subjects in the exhibition: one is a large canvas treated with chlorine displayed horizontally; the image follows S. Eisenshtain’s vision, that revealed an “omnipotence” in animation in the construction of sovietic identity (from Sukhareva’s perspective, the very language of animation might have kept [...]

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Javier Barrios

My artistic project moves in a landscape between utopia and facts, with inspirations drawn from science fiction, visions of the future, technology, architecture, science and space exploration, to mention just a few sources. The inner core of the project relates to the great philosophical questions surrounding the origin and the evolution of Mankind, and the need to find the balance between fact and fiction in this arena. “How has Mankind been able to move from picking lice off each other’s backs, to a world where we build spaceships and send them out into the [...]

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Michael Conrads

With a focus on painting he is constantly investigating the boundaries of the medium, creating semi complex to ultra dense, self consuming structures that investigate Architecture, Modernism, Minimal, Constructivism and failed Utopia. About the artist: Michael Conrads (1977) lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City. He is a graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His work has been shown in the Hamburg Kunsthalle and Produzentengalerie Hamburg, Galerie Michael Haas Berlin and Zurich, and Museum Weserburg Bremen, among many other institutions and galleries around Europe. [...]

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Jong Oh

  Neither photographs nor descriptive language do much to clarify the spatial complexity of Oh’s installations, which appear to move abruptly between visibility and invisibility. The pieces are best experienced in person, within the installation space. Oh manipulates simple elements such as thread, graphite, wood, pegs, weights and acrylic sheets, to generate subtle compositions, finely calibrated to stay in balance. The punctual lighting and the shadows that arise from these materials are essential to complete the work. Oh’s work invites the viewer to reflect on the limits of perception and [...]

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