In every change, however sudden, there is a moment of transition. Silence is necessary to adapt to a new situation. These periods typically oscillate between movement and standstills, between clarity and confusion. It’s usually not a dead silence, but one full of life in which many things happen; where situations become untangled or tangled, and in where intuition and the advice of friends are our great allies. Thus, this active silence is full of internal and external dialogues that little by little help us adapt to our new conditions.

Dialogues in silence is an exhibition created to express our deep gratitude to friends, artists, curators, gallery owners and cultural professionals who have been with us in this process of transformation from gallery to foundation and who have patiently adapted with us to the changes. Each one’s presence has been a grand contribution to define our work as a foundation. This show also seeks to honor our transition, this vital silence that has revealed new allies, new purposes, and has allowed us to clarify our mission and vision looking to the future.

— Sofía Mariscal

Special thanks: Vermelho, NF/Nieves Fernández, Insterstate Projects, El Apartamento, Fundación Otazu, Leslie Moody Castro, Daniel Garza Usabiaga.