January 16th – March 23th 2013

When we consider the special problems that were key elements of progress along the oldest and most persistent lines of human research, we found that nothingness suitably disguised as something, is never far from the center of things. In it’s different denotations, nothingness has been the subject of persistent human fascination and has proven to be an unexpectedly major issue, upon which delicately many of our fundamental questions are raised.


The Book of Nothing

On what there might not be features the work of 11 international artists who reflect on the concept of “nothingness”, a complex term which unfolds a variety of notions: zero in mathematics, the vacuum in physics, the void in philosophy, the “uncreated” in theology, infinity in astronomy, silence in music, the absurd in logic, the invisible and intangible in art. The works presented in the exhibition explore the way in which such seemingly trivial concepts are fundamental to our understanding of how life is shaped, and the way nothingness is intimately linked to our history and quotidianity.

Sculptures by Jakob Mattner (Germany, 1946), new kinetic work by Zilvinas Kempinas (Lithuania, 1969) as well as early work of Andy Warhol (United States, 1928-1987), will be shown in Mexico for the first time. Additionally, emblematic works by Francis Alÿs (Belgium, 1959) and Luis Felipe Ortega (Mexico, 1966) will be displayed in dialogue with the work of younger artists such as Adrien Missika (France, 1981), Virginia Colwell (USA 1981), Tony Orrico (United States, 1979), Jong Oh (Korea, 1981), Daniela Libertad (Mexico, 1983) and Arturo Hernández Alcázar (Mexico, 1978).