14.10.17 – 04-11-17

Opening October 14, 14:00 h

Photography, among many other things, can be a mode of resistance. Resistance to oblivion and the passing of time (and, implicitly, to death). Resistance to injustice, repression, as well social and sexual norms. For some time now, it has also been a form of resistance against its own limitations as a medium.

Notas al Futuro presents the work of a group of 31 international artists from 12 countries who are responding to a somber political horizon marked by pessimism and uncertainty. Their styles, perspectives, techniques and general approaches span the spectrum of contemporary photographic practices. They are—each in their own way—enacting a dialogue with that precarious future that our generation faces, and, in doing so, both questioning and reinterpreting photography itself.

The ubiquity of images and the attendant crisis of representation generate an explosion of possibilities. While some choose to return to traditional techniques, others dispense completely with the camera and even with the image. Sometimes, the flat paper of the print takes a life of its own and becomes three-dimensional, crawling around the corners of the exhibition space. Some artists prefer to problematize the documentary impulse, freely combining it with staged scenes and the creation of fictitious realms. The act of recording the realities of others takes the added dimension of an interchange of subjectivities and vulnerabilities. Memory, narrative, poetry, trauma, sexual and cultural identities, literary references, formalistic explorations and archive work configure a multiplicity of expressive constellations.

In this general landscape, some artists observe impassively the patterns and traces of chaos and randomness. Some analyze and theorize, while others display their intimacy before the viewer. In the end, they constitute a global polyphonic choir that points towards the possibility of transcending the barriers of nationality, as well as advancing a conversation with contemporary Mexico.

Artists: 643 Collective, Peggy Anderson, Rosanna Bach, Akshay Bhoan, Daniela Bojórquez Vértiz, Dan de Carvalho, Jan Cieslikiewicz, Virginia Colwell, Mario de Vega, Sofía Garfias, Kasia Gumpert, Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Jhe Ming Hsu, Antonio Ibarra Jimenez, Antonia Kuo, Minny Lee, Danielle Lessnau, Andrea Martínez, Groana Melendez, Tomo Morisawa, Martha Naranjo Sandoval, Matthew Papa, Verónica Puche, Silent Face Projects, Katrina Sorrentino, Camila Svenson, Lara Tabet, Daniel Terna, Jessica Thalmann, Beau Torres, Cristina Velasquez, Miguel Winograd.

Curators: Sofía Garfías, Verónica Puche & Miguel Winograd