June 8th to August 17th 2013

The exhibition presents a selection of site-specific sculptures, drawings, and videos – the results of an artistic residence at Museo Experimental el Eco, Mexico City. This selection explores landscape and image making through the juxtaposition of saturation and emptiness. In (anotaciones para una inclusión del silencio), Ortega continues to relate his practice with literature – but this time without overstepping limits of delimitation – without breaking the boundaries of nearness. Incorporating the aesthetic aspects of math and geometry, the works try to answer the question: Where does abstraction begin?

A series of decisions were made that took into consideration notions of scale, materiality, and volume. Ortega intervened maps that he had collected over the past year – overlapping political interests, geographic accidents, and the poetic possibilities of cartography.

There is a return to his initial explorations on the temporality of artistic production processes and their representation – an extension of his already well-known research on points of view. These lines of thought present in his work take his aesthetic exploration into a third dimension that was previously present solely in his drawings and that explore the limits of these creative platforms.