20.04.16 – 15.06.16

After a career of four years in which Marso has forget his particular personality, we wanted to bring together artists who have made this possible. Dialogue is not only a collective exhibition, it is also an exercise in defining our path of work and reaffirmation of our identity.

Mexican and international contemporary art remains as the mainstay in our proposals, each of them is closely related to residences that are held in our space.

Dialogue is the special occasion that offers the possibility to collect the experiences that have lived in the same place the last four years. The idea that relates the pieces in this exhibition could not be other than the artistic line that Marso has developed from its beginnings, understood in its broadest and multidisciplinary meaning, from sculpture, painting, video etc.

Dialogue #1:

Andrea Galvani and Tim Hyde

Acerca de lo material y la Simultaneidad

Dialogue #2:

Luis Felipe Ortega, Daniela Libertad and Karyn Olivier

Acerca del Lugar y la Memoria

Dialogue #3:

Luis Felipe Ortega and Jong Oh

Acerca del vacío y la saturación

Dialogue #4:

Virginia Colwell, Arturo Hernández Alcázar and Mario de Vega

Acerca de archivo y política

Dialogue #5:

Tony Orrico, Daniela Libertad and Virginia Colwell

Acerca del gesto y la percepción

Dialogue #6:

Sarah Schöenfeld and Norman Mooney

Acerca del color y la alteración

Dialogue #7:

Theo Mercier, Michael Conrads, Daniela Libertad, Emre Hüner and Virginia Colwell

Acerca de la forma y la referencia