Oct. 17th – Nov. 30th, 2012


Coexistence was the second solo show in Mexico by Australian artist Linda Tegg, the exhibition shown a body of work that invites reflection on the many ‘negotiations’ that have led to conditions by which we understand the environment, and create collectively reality. This approach reveals also different forms of power relations that are established in groups of animals and humans, urging us to reflect on the way in which we share the world.

About the artist:

Linda Tegg (Melbourne, 1979), has participated in solo and group exhibitions in museums and other cultural spaces among which include: the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, Sotheby’s Art Institute, New York, Centre for Contemporary Art of South Australia, Melbourne Arts Centre, Neue Galerie, Switzerland; HetWildeWeten, Rotterdam-Apporia Art, Osaka.